Learning with Us

Reception and Key Stage 1

Children are never too young to learn about where their food comes from.  The more that they know, the more open they are to trying new foods and to growing their own vegetables.

We can introduce a variety of topics to include healthy eating and growing, water, the environment and even basic business concepts.  Young and inquisitive minds will be blown away by growing plants in water rather than soil.

They will also enjoy watching our fish through the windows in our tanks and helping us feed them.

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Key Stage 2 and 3

We know that children love to build and grow.  We've previously built everything from raised beds in schools to show gardens outside in public spaces.

We take this practical learning to the next level by introducing Aquaponics.  This challenges pre-conceptions about farming and the environment, sustainability, and our diet.  It engages equally those that favour creative or factual learning.

Whether you want cross-curriculum practical learning or simple problem-solving and team-building, we can cater for your needs.


Think maths, physics, chemistry, plant and fish biology, food science, environmental sustainability and business.

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Visiting Your School

We understand the financial challenges of hiring coaches to transport students off-site, as well as the pressures of a full curriculum.  Therefore, we can work with you to plan a visit to your school, with an option to come and see our commercial scale aquaponics initiative at a later date or a less congested part of the school year.

We are keen to stimulate debate amongst your students and to challenge their pre-conceptions.  We are also big advocates of child-led learning.  Discuss working with us to install, and oversee, a small-scale school aquaponics concept that the children can own themselves.

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Backyard Aquaponics

Why not take a short, practical, course with us to learn the basics of Aquaponics to help you experiment at home or on your allotment.  We can introduce you to a simple stand-alone system and the principles of building your own simple set-up.  Ask us for further details.

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Taking a STEM Approach

Aquaponics lends itself brilliantly to practical and innovative teaching around science, technology, engineering and maths (often called STEM teaching).  Like many others, we want children to ask questions, be challenged and to discuss what's possible.

Aquaponics has a number of key principles.  The numbers of fish and plants are closely related.  They determine the volume and flow of water in the system.  They influence the amount of fish food fed to the fish.  They both rely on good water quality.

We can work with your children to learn about shapes and volume, about water flow in the system, about testing water quality, numbers and ratios and designing an aquaponics system.  All of it practical, challenging and with a highly relevant real-world application.

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Work Experience Students and Student Research

Aquaponics is relatively new to the UK and, as such, we are keen to make ourselves available for student projects, school work experience, coursework or dissertations.  We want our aquaponic journey to be as open-source as possible.

We have limited opportunities for individuals or small groups to use our initiative as a case study. Oliver, is educated to post-graduate level with an MPhil. He has worked extensively over the years with different school and student groups on practical project work and so can ably support as a critical-friend when considering research criteria and hypotheses. More importantly, we can also provide real-life data.

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