About Smart Greens

Hi, I'm Oliver and I live and breathe Smart Greens UK.

I am passionate about healthy eating and gut health.  I want people in Oxfordshire to be able to choose to eat fresh produce that is grown locally, and to know how their food is grown without chemicals or pesticides.

I am also believe strongly that young people should learn about growing food.  These young people are the individuals who will look to resolve the challenges of climate change, food security, soil health and processed alternatives which are already upon us.

Smart Greens UK is a Social Enterprise (not-for-profit) Company.  This means we aim to deliver soical good by bringing a little bit of disruption to the tradional ways of doing things...


(1) we crowd-funded a lot of our initial investment

(2) we use a commercial model to teach STEM learning so that young people get teaching opportunities wrapped in a business and entrepreneurship blanket;

(3) we built a commercial-scale Aquaponics system, alongside our traditional polytunnels, as an amazing contrast in growing techniques;

(4) we maintain a relatively small-scale operation that focusses on good quality produce, hand-picked to order and prioritising thinking about gut health good practice...

Based close to Oxford, we can offer some exciting opportunities for individuals, schools and the community to get involved in the future of horticulture, alongside more traditional activities.

Go to Get Involved to see how you can work with us.

Our Supporters

We have had funding from the following so far and are eternally grateful for their support on our social enterprise journey: