Local fresh produce for local people - prioritising soil health and gut health
Established STEM teaching for schools using traditional growing and Aquaponics

We're really excited about introducing Aquaponics into Oxfordshire...

Put simply, Aquaponics is growing plants in water using the nutrients from fish waste.  It is one of the oldest means of growing crops known to man and is one of the kindest to the environment.  It uses no chemicals, no fertilizers and 95% less water than mainstream horticulture.  What's not to like?

Aquaponics is yet to become mainstream in the UK, despite being used extensively across the world, which is why we are excited.  We have learnt from Aquaponics UK, and worked with a small group of other entreprenuers, to design our own bespoke concept.

Growing by using Aquaponics is transforming the scale of our social enterprise, offering massive educational opportunities for the local community and letting you become a part of the future of "food technology".  That's why we are excited.