Laughter is brightest where food is best - Irish Proverb

Growing Healthy with Us

Combatting Loneliness

No one should be lonely.

We have plans to create some weekly social groups who can help us with the long list of jobs that we have to develop our site environmentally and to keep our vegetables in check.  This is your chance to get out, to talk to some like-minded people and to rediscover your wealth of knowledge and practical skills.

We would love to see you and will even provide the tea and biscuits.

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Supporting those at risk of Early-Onset Dementia

We have deliberately set up our raised beds to ressemble allotment style growing, including, for example, traditional runner bean canes.

We are keen to use these as memory cues and to support those who may benefit from simple tasks, cognitive stimulation and discussion in an outdoor environment.

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Use us for Social (Green) Prescribing

Times are changing and both GPs and the NHS are looking to prescribe less medicine and more healthy activity.

We are an alternative to the more common walking groups often suggested to patients.  We too can provide fresh air, gentle exercise and stimulating conversation to support individuals who may want to introduce something new into their life.  If you are a local GP and want to discuss the opportunities that we can provide then please get in contact. 

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