Laughter is brightest where food is best - Irish Proverb

Contact Us and Get Involved

We are based at Farmer Gows near Faringdon, Oxfordshire.  This is an education farm that has been providing access to the countryside for young people for over a decade.

Come for a Visit

Why not organise a group visit to us?

We can do daytime or early evening visits.  Take a tour around our aquaponics set-up and learn the basics.  Our activities fit with lots of agendas and interest groups from the U3A to the Scouts.

Email Oliver for more details


Who doesn't love a bit of help?

We are certainly not experts in everything and so will always be grateful for extra expertise.  Muscles and brains are always welcome in equal measure.  If you have time to spare and a skill to offer then we can provide the tea and biscuits.  We also write a mean letter of reference should this help you out in return.

Email Oliver

Seeking Advice

We can offer some basic advice and expertise.  More detailed enquiries may require consultancy support.

Email Oliver